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Charley's Ride

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Twelve-year old Charley Anne Warfield has cancer. Pancreatic cancer. It killed her grandmother. Her mother is in remission. It's metastasized and moved to her liver. Six months is what Gary and Jean, her parents, hope for. They keep it a secret from Charley. Just want her to live a normal life for as long as she can. But mysterious neighbors, a horse that won't die, and a magical beach ride, teach Charley many lessons about miracles. And about trust. In herself. Her family. Her horse. Her God.

Charley's Aunt

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Two students at Oxford force their rascally friend and fellow student to pose as an aunt from Brazil. The play was first performed at the Theatre Royal, in February 1892. It broke all historic records for plays of any kind, with an original London run of 1,466 performances.


RRP $10.99

Harley-Davidson: words that evoke the open American road and the "Made in America" tradition like no others. The sweeping chopper handlebars, the distinctive throaty low-speed rumble of the engine and the unmistakable logo are recognized the world over.

This book expertly ties together the mechanical evolution of Harley's engines - from the earliest motorized pedal bicycles to the iconic heavyweight twin-cylinder V-engines we know and love today - and the social history of the brand's phenomenal rise in the twentieth century, as innovative survivor of the Great Depression, supplier of the military during both World Wars and enduring symbol of freedom and rebellion.

It is fully illustrated with pictures of the bikes and those who have ridden them as well as examples of Harley-Davidson's distinctive design aesthetic in advertising and collectibles.

About the Author

When Margie Siegal was a teenager, she had a boyfriend with a motorcycle. The boyfriend was forgettable - the motorcycle wasn't. Since that time, she has written about motorcycle history for Classic Bike, Motorcyclist, Motorcycle Collector, American Iron, and Motor Cycle Classics. She is vintage editor for IronWorks motorcycle magazine.


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