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Easements And Restrictive Covenants In Australia, 3rd Edition

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Easements and Restrictive Covenants in Australia examines the rules that govern the creation, enforceability and extinguishment of easements and restrictive covenants from an Australian perspective. It provides an in-depth analysis of the large body of Australian case law and statutelaw explaining the differences between States and Territories, and seeks to solve the various problems that these differences cause.

The text also includes a discussion of the interaction between the operation of the Torrens system and the common law and equitable rules governing easements and restrictive covenants.

There have been a number of significant decisions emanating from the High Court of Australia and the appellate courts of all the states and territories since the publication of the second edition. The third edition analyses these new developments in the context of the overall development of the law of easements and restrictive covenants.

Auditing A Practical Approach 2e+auditing Istudy Version 3 Card+auditing, Assurance And Ethics Handbook 2017 Australia

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Student Equity In Australian Higher Education 2016

RRP $491.99

This book examines twenty-five years of the Australian framework for student equity in higher education, A Fair Chance for All. Divided into two sections, the book reflects on the legacy of equity policy in higher education, the effectiveness of current approaches, and the likely challenges facing future policymakers. The first section explores the creation of the framework, including the major elements of the policy, the political context of its development, and how it compares with international models developed during the same period. The performance of the six student equity groups identified within the framework is also examined. The second section of the book considers future trends and challenges. The Australian university sector has undergone seismic change in the past twenty-five years and faces further changes of equal magnitude. The twenty-fifth anniversary of A Fair Chance for All comes as Australian higher education is poised for another wave of transformation, with rising expansion, competition, and stratification. While the emerging landscape is new, the questions have changed little since A Fair Chance for All was first conceived: How should we define student equity, and what policies are likely to promote it?  


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